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March 1 - 5

Updated 6:16 AM CDT, Fri, Mar 5, 2010

Monday, March 1

Jeopardy contestant makes you question if he's really smart.

An Indian man sings his heart out to marry for

A patient with tuberculosis goes crazy while in quarantine.

Someone captures what happens when a tree branch falls on power lines.

Don't combine the exercise ball with a treadmill.

A new app could allow someone to scan your face and learn everything about you.

A brave man rides his motorcycle in a very different way.

Three dogs hit the snow showing off their snowboarding skills.

Tuesday, March 2

A little girl sings her heart out to Kesha's Tik Tok hit.

No one's immune to layoffs including Spiderman

Moms-to-be show everyone how to do the Prego Shuffle.

A guy pours his heart on in song about living next door to an angel.

The world's largest gummy bear can satisfy the biggest sweet tooth.

A grandmother goes for the ride of her life.

If you want to punch through a stack of bricks, make sure you focus.

A website helps you earn $5 over and over again.

A new app called "Tiger Text" can help you erase those incriminating messages.

Becoming an I-Phone person scares some people.

A YouTube video of a bunny eating a flower has become an internet sensation.

Wednesday, March 3

The Illinois Democratic Party is posting dozens of applications for the unfilled lieutenant governor job online.

Jay Leno's staff is taking drastic measures to get his audience back.

A teen drops some rhymes to cure America of its cussing obsession

A facebooker rants to his co-workers about the site.

A motorcyclist takes a wild ride on a very narrow mountain road.

"American Idol" judge Simon Cowell's trailer dwarfs the other judges' dressing rooms.

Chicago Band OK-Go's latest video for the song "This Too Shall Pass"  is mesmerizing fans.

Hulu loses two popular comedy shows.

A cat just can't win against a balloon.

Some students dance behind their teacher's back before they're caught one by one.

Thursday, March 4

Puerto Rico is requiring all native Puerto Ricans to apply for a new birth certificate to combat identity theft.

The actor who plays "Lost" villian Benjamin Linus starred in a video showing him on the right side of the law 18 years ago.

A mall walker sings about the fun of putting one foot in front of the other.

A professor chases a chicken-suit wearing prankster out of his class.

A new Japanese toy combines a ball with a digital camera.

A creative couple hides their wedding invitation inside a video game.

Switzerland holds elections to appoint special attorneys to represent animals in court.

 A guy rides a bike on a treadmill and takes a nasty fall.

A Microsoft exec suggests an internet tax to fight cyber crime.

NASA scientists compile a collection of satellite images creating the clearest image of Earth from space.

A new survey finds the peak of wedded bliss happens pretty early in marriage.

Friday, March 5

Catholic Charities  is collecting food and cash donations during March to restock its pantries.

The FDA is recalling a variety of foods with a common flavor-enhancing ingredient linked to salmonella.

Monsters in Japan audition to the song "Thriller."

A "Wheel of Fortune" contestant makes a bad decision.

A newsroom fight breaks out while an anchor reads the news.

A college stepping competition ignites a racial controversy.

A extreme sport lover combines skydiving and kayaking to create skayaking.

A young boy is rejected by a young pianist who ignores his bouquet of flowers.

Dozens of ships are literally getting stuck in the frozen Baltic Sea near Stockholm.

Bo strikes a pose in newly released White House pictures.

Twitter's tweeps help the social networking site hit a milestone.

Canada is considering tweaking its national anthem.

First Published: Mar 1, 2010 5:58 AM CDT

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