NBC 5 Investigates Dec 12

If You Call Chicago 911 and Don’t Know Your Street Address, Will the Dispatcher Send Help?

NBC 5 Investigates uncovered an excruciating series of 911 calls from a man suffering a stroke in a Chicago hotel. Dispatchers insisted they could not send help until he provided the street address. Now the city concedes “more should have been done” — but won’t talk about the case on camera — and still hasn’t responded to the man.

  • Cannabis in Illinois Dec 12

    Cannabis in Illinois: What to Know When Weed Becomes Legal Jan. 1

    Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2020, and people are literally lining up to get a piece of the state’s pot pie.  That presents plenty of questions: Illinois residents want to know where to buy cannabis, how much and where they can consume it. Non-residents want to know if they can sample it too. Entrepreneurs want to

  • Illinois Dec 6

    Selling Recreational Cannabis in Illinois: Is Your Town In or Out?

    Each municipality in Illinois gets to decide whether it wants to allow recreational cannabis dispensaries within its borders. So does each of Illinois’ 102 counties, for its unincorporated regions.  NBC 5 has created a map (see below) to show you which Chicago-area and downstate towns and counties have “opted in” to recreational cannabis; which have “opted out,” and which are still

  • Cannabis in Illinois Dec 6

    Cannabis in Illinois: Where You Can Find a Dispensary on Jan. 1

    Editor’s note: A panel of cannabis experts will answer your questions LIVE via an online chat from 3 p.m.-7 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 6. Get your questions ready and ask them here. Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2020, but where will you be able to buy it?  Only state licensed dispensaries will be allowed to sell marijuana

  • Nov 26

    Donation Bins: For Charity or For Profit?

    Clothing donation bins are conveniently located at gas stations, parking lots and sidewalks throughout the city and suburbs that make it easy for residents to give away unwanted items. But NBC 5 Investigates has found many are operated, not by charities, but by for-profit companies that are difficult to track.

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