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Legislator Apologizes for Offensive Taco Talk

Stereotyping on House floor riles up emotions



    Legislator Apologizes for Offensive Taco Talk

    Rep. Monique Davis may still have the taste of foot in her mouth.

    On Wednesday Davis (D-Chicago) took to the house floor to protest a bill that would require hair braiders to be licensed, the Sun-Times reports.

    "You do not license a Chinese person to sell Chinese food," the African-American lawmaker said. "You do not license a Latino to sell tacos. You do not license an African-American woman to hair-braid."

    As soon as those careless remarks left her lips, two Latino lawmakers stood up to make her eat them.

    "For anyone to come to this floor and make fun of my ethnicity, I'm so appalled at the statement that was made on the House floor," Edward Acevedo, D-Chicago.

    Rep. Susana Mendoza (D-Chicago) shared the same sentiment.

    Davis rose after the legislators lashed out.

    "I apologize to them and I want them to know and the body to know that I have the utmost respect from the bottom of my heart for the multicultural diversity of our body," said Davis.

    Acevedo and Mendoza publicly accepted Davis' apology.

    After Davis' insulting remarks, the bill she disliked passed.

    It's not the first time Davis has made news for something untoward. Earlier this year she was embroiled in a statue snafu with Chicago State University, and last year it was reported that she owes $500,000 in back rent to the Chicago Board of Education for her office.