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Two Grocery Stores In a Jam Over Loose Grapes

Two Women in Chicago File Lawsuits After Slipping On Loose Grapes



    Two Grocery Stores In a Jam Over Loose Grapes
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    Beware: These things are dangerous.

    Chicago is going bananas with grape lawsuits.

    Two women filed separate lawsuits for falling on loose grapes in the produce section of two different grocery stores in the Chicagoland area, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    It's nearly an epidemic if you believe the lawyers involved.

    “Produce sections are notoriously dangerous,”  Mark Solmor who represents Estela Maldonado, 64.

    Maldonado fell and injured her neck and head after slipping on a rogue grape at a "Food 4 Less" in Cicero in February 2009. Three months later April Holt suffered injuries of a personal nature at the "Moo & Oink & More" in Hazel Crest when she tripped on the pesky fruit.

    Solomar says he has seen lawsuits over watermelon juice, rotten grapes and cherry tomatoes as well. No banana peel lawsuits just yet, the Tribune notes.

    Every time you have fruits and vegetables fall on the floor of a grocery store there is always trouble lurking for unsuspecting patrons.
    Grapes are very small and hard to spot when they fall on the floor.

    According to the Tribune, Maldonado is suing for $50,000 --- she incurred over $21,000 in medical expenses -- and Holt is suing for $30,000.