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When Recliners Attack! Firefighters Save Dog

Chair had to be sawed apart



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    Firefighters are known for rescuing cats from trees. But last week, Naperville firefighters came across a unique animal rescue.

    They had to save a small dog stuck in its owner's recliner.

    Last Thursday, at the Sunrise of Naperville assisted living facility, the poor pet got caught in a mechanized recliner, according to the Daily Herald.

    The chair's electrical controls stopped working, and the pressure placed on the dog was making it difficult for the pooch to breathe.

    Oh no!

    Fortunately, the dog didn't appear to be in pain when firefighters arrived. The Jaws of Life weren't necessary, but firefighters did have to saw the chair apart, reports the AP.

    "It took about five minutes to get him free," said one firefighter/paramedic. "We've never had to rescue a dog like that before."

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    Who knew relaxing could be so dangerous?

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