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Rival Schools Brawl Following Bomb Threat

10 students face felony charges, more arrests possible



    Rival Schools Brawl Following Bomb Threat
    Rich South High School

    Several students face felony charges following a brawl outside Rich South High School Monday.

    Police say students from Rich Central High School were bused to Rich South Monday afternoon due to a bomb threat.

    The students were outside the rival school when someone pulled a fire alarm inside of the Rich South building, forcing those student to also go outside.

    The students from the two schools began fighting each other, prompting police units from several agencies to respond to the scene to break up the melee.

    Ten students were arrested and charged with Mob Action felony charges.

    Three female students suffered injuries when they were trampled after the fire alarm was pulled. A police officer injured his knee during the melee and a school staff member was also struck in the face during the fight.

    Police say additional arrests are possible pending review of video surveillance.