Illinois Elementary Teacher Criticized For Posing In Photo With A Man Wearing Blackface

“If she posted it, she’s sending a message,” said a former teacher

An elementary teacher is facing backlash after reposting a Facebook memory from 2012 in light of Halloween, smiling next to an individual dressed in a so-called blackface costume.

The woman is identified as Indian Hill Elementary School teacher Cortnee Snell, who according to Round Lake Area Schools' official directory, has been teaching 3rd grade special education at the school since 2011.

And while she’s not dressed in racially insensitive attire, Snell is seen smiling next to a man who is.

“I wouldn’t want my child to have that teacher,” said parent Michelle Ortiz.

Former teacher Arlene Day expressed to NBC 5 that she believes teachers are supposed to be role models as kids often look up to teachers.

“I taught for 35 years,” Day said. “So, I was very careful about what I did and what I said.”

Round Lake Area Schools spokeswoman Heather Bennett told NBC 5 in a statement that “The District is investigating this matter.”

“I would think the teacher would be educated enough to understand the origins of blackface and would avoid that,” Ortiz said.

NBC 5 reached out to Mrs. Snell via email and phone but has yet to receive a response back.

“If she posted it, she’s sending a message,” Day said. “What is that message she’s trying to send?”

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