"My 4th Graders are cooler than your 4th Graders!" - NBC Chicago
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"My 4th Graders are cooler than your 4th Graders!"



    "My 4th Graders are cooler than your 4th Graders!"

    Got a little carried away today chatting with fabulous Ginger Zee today about the student groups we've talked to lately. She talks to a lot of schools daily. I think her exact quote to me once was "I think I'm booked through June." That was in February.

    Busy busy. Me? Not so much...until yesterday when I drove to Plainfield.

    I enjoyed hangin' with the awesome 4th graders at Troy Shorewood Elementary School. Check out the photo above, such good kids! What could I possible have to say that keeps 4th graders interested? Still not sure on that one, but I described the cool technology that we have to put traffic reports together, how we figure out where delays are and got laughed at for saying I wear make up. (I'll be okay, I just ran and hid in the closet for a while til Ms. McGuire came and got me)

    It was a fun day and soon Ginger and I will have to go toe-to-toe and find out...which student group is the awesome-ist!!! (that's not a word, but I think it should be)

    **Traffic today, much better than yesterday. Here's a quick rundown of some of the Tuesday fun.

    -Semi in a ditch, that forced debris on a Metra train line, no trains for 45 minutes
    -Blue Line caught fire
    -Flooding on 80/94 in NW Indiana
    -Crazy long delays on all expressways

    That was all before 6AM. We were noting in the Traffic Lounge that it used to be like that all the time, but the last 6 months it's been very slow. Sometimes you are due for a busy day of traffic and incidents all around. I think that was it, but we'll see. I'm sure something else big will pop up before long.

    **The swine flu reaction went from overkill to big time backyard problem in a matter of hours. School is closed at Kilmer Elementary in Rogers Park. The 1st American death as a result of the virus in Texas came down this morning. Do yourself a favor and wash your hands today. I should too.

    **Pothole watch! Day number 130: The Stevenson Expressway heading inbound between LaGrange and 1st Avenue. Just absolutely terrible. Very dangerous potholes are waiting to swallow your tires if you switch lanes. My advice: Pick a lane and stay there!

    **Trivia question update: I'm starting to run a little low on trivia questions. As always if you have a good one, drop me a note here. However, I'm thinking we'll do something with hockey tomorrow morning. So stayed tuned!