Tennis Shoes Or Sneakers? Chicagoans Will Answer That Differently From Rest of US

Think you're a true Chicagoan? How you answer this question will tell you.

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According to Katz, the northern half of Illinois says "garbage can," while the bottom half uses "trash can." Across the US, answers are mixed. Most southern states use "trash can" while most northwest states say "garbage can."
Much of Illinois says "you guys," while a very small portion at the southern tip of the state says "ya'll." Meanwhile, many people in the Pittsburgh area stay "yinz," some in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania say "youse" and some in Kentucky say "you all," Katz notes."
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The answer to this question varies across the state, but much of the northern half of Illinois, including Chicago, uses "pop," while central and southern residents apparently say "soda." Coke is a more popular term in southern states.
According to Katz, most of Illinois says "garage sale" while far southern portions of the state may say "yard sale." In a very small pocket of southeast Wisconsin, some people call it a "rummage sale."
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Illinoisans apparently agree on the same word for this question: Semi (or semitruck). In some southern states an eighteen-wheeler is more popular while in the northeast, many say "tractor trailer."
According to Katz's survey, some parts of northern Illinois say "drinking fountain," but much of the state, including Chicago, appears to use "water fountain." Many will not that Wisconsin residents will often use the term "bubbler."
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Across Illinois it appears two syllables reigns.
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Illinois residents join much of the Midwest and the South in using the term "lightning bugs," but some states to the north favor the term "firefly."
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This is a trick question for Chicagoans. While nearly all of Illinois (and the Midwest) uses "tennis shoes," in Chicago and Cincinnati, the word "gym shoes" might be favored. Sneakers is most common in the northeast and parts of Florida, according to the survey.
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