10 Best Beers of the Summer

Chicago-based Sam's Wine and Spirits has compiled a list of (what they believe to be) the 10 best beers of the summer!

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Summertime and beer and inseparable, really, so check out what Sam's says are your best summer selections.
Sam's Wine and Spirits
Bells Oberon: This is an American Wheat with Saaz Hops added to it. Saaz Hops is a noble hop variety commonly found in pilsners. The overall flavor is spicy and fruity with a clean finish.
Sam's Wine and Spirits
Goose Island Summer Time: Modeled after the German Ale Kolsch, this beer is right on with this style, showcasing the Saaz and Mount Hood hops. These hops give this beer its distinctive flavor which is grassy, fruity and refreshing. There's nothin' like a Goose Island (except for maybe the nine other top 10 beers).
Nelson Eddy
Ska Modus Hoperondi: Hoperondi is a 70 IBU India Pale Ale which is full bodied and great tasting. This IPA has notes of grapefruit and a malty backbone that keeps it balanced. The best part about this IPA is that it comes in cans. Yes, there is such a thing as a good canned beer!
Sam's Wine and Spirits
Leelanau Whaleback White: This is a very complex summer ale. It is based on a Belgium white recipe, which is oak aged. You will get flavors of orange, coriander and a slight acidic finish.
Sam's Wine and Spirits
Take a Skinny Dip. It's New Belgium’s answer to a hot summer day. This pilsner is brewed with Cascade hops and lime leafs. The combination gives this light beer a medium bodied beer taste.
New Holland Golden Cap Saison: A farmhouse style ale brewed with spelt, a hardy variety of wheat. This farmhouse has flavors of fresh cut hay and cracked peppercorn. Because who doesn't love fresh cut hay mixed with cracked peppercorn?
Hoegaarden: This is the original white ale. Hoegaarden is brewed with orange peel and coriander. A very refreshing brew from Belgium that is not heavy, yet full of flavor. They'll go fast at any summer barbeque, so make sure you've got one.
Sam's Wine and Spirits
Summit Summer Sampler: This variety pack comes with a great selection of Summit beers. The gem hidden in this 12 pack is the Scandia, a not to be missed Summer Wit bier.
Dogfish Head Festina Peche -- This is Dogfish Head’s take on a Berliner Weiss. Traditionally, Berliner Weiss are based on a wheat beer recipe with the yeast strain lactobacillus culture added. Dogfish Head takes this one step further and adds peaches and peach puree, which give this beer a new dimension and a great taste.
At first taste, this American Pale Wheat Ale is loaded with hoppy goodness. Then, by the second or third sip, you start to taste the wheat that gives this highly hopped ale a great summer vibe.
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