• Make It Jun 30

    These Are the 5 Traits That Set Extraordinary People Apart, Says Former FBI Agent—‘But You Need the Entire Set'

    There are five life-changing traits that set extraordinary people apart. From self-mastery to communication to observation, a retired FBI agent and human behavioral expert explains how to become above average—so you can influence people, achieve goals and become a great leader.

  • Make It Jan 12

    Harvard Researcher Says the Most Emotionally Intelligent People Have These 12 Traits. Which Do You Have?

    Emotional intelligence isn’t all about being sweet and chipper, says Harvard psychologist and researcher Daniel Goleman. Every moment is an opportunity to strengthen these overlooked skills that will lead you to greater success. So ask yourself: What are your strengths? Where could you use improvement?

  • China Jul 24, 2020

    China Shuts Down US Consulate in Chengdu

    Tensions between the world’s two largest economies ratcheted up Friday as China ordered the U.S. consulate in Chengdu to close. The move comes after the U.S. ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston this week.

  • Justice Department Jul 24, 2020

    China Orders US to Close Consulate in Chengdu as Tensions Rise

    China ordered the United States on Friday to close its consulate in the western city of Chengdu, ratcheting up a diplomatic conflict at a time when relations have sunk to their lowest level in decades.

  • Pennsylvania May 6, 2020

    Pa. Researcher ‘on Verge of Making Very Significant' Virus Findings Shot to Death

    A medical researcher said to be on the “verge of making very significant” coronavirus findings was found shot to death over the weekend in Pennsylvania, officials said.

  • China Oct 7, 2019

    NBA's Reaction to Pro-Hong Kong Tweet Differs in English, Chinese

    The NBA put out one statement reacting to Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet in support of the Hong Kong protest movement. Depending on which language it was read in, the league’s words had very different meaning. A politically charged disagreement over Morey’s tweet that showed support for Hong Kong anti-government protesters got an additional wrinkle when the NBA...

  • Donald Trump Oct 7, 2019

    US Researchers on Front Line of Battle Against Chinese Theft

    As the U.S. warned allies around the world that Chinese tech giant Huawei was a security threat, the FBI was making the same point quietly to a Midwestern university. In an email to the associate vice chancellor for research at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, an agent wanted to know if administrators believed Huawei had stolen any intellectual property from the...

  • The Associated Press Oct 6, 2019

    Verbal Autopsies Used in Push to Better Track Global Deaths

    Increasingly, health officials are using verbal autopsies — an interview in which a trained health worker asks a close relative or caretaker about a recently deceased person — and their computer algorithms to learn more about the global course of human disease. About 50 countries have attempted verbal autopsy projects, and the list is growing. On Tuesday, Bloomberg Philanthropies —...

  • Donald Trump Oct 4, 2019

    Finland Agrees to Return Native American Remains to Tribes

    The ancestral remains of Native American tribes that once called the cliffs of Mesa Verde National Park home will be repatriated as part of an agreement between Finland and the United States. The White House on Wednesday announced the agreement involving the remains of about 20 people and 28 funerary objects taken from the Mesa Verde area more than 100...

  • Congress Sep 30, 2019

    After 60 Years, a DC Brew Is Back From the Dead

    Heurich House Museum, owner of the Brewmaster’s Castle near Dupont Circle, has been able to bring to life the historic Senate beer, which was once one of the most popular beers in the city.

  • Canada Jul 24, 2019

    Breast Implant Recalled After Link to More Rare Cancer Cases

    Breast implant maker Allergan Inc. issued a worldwide recall Wednesday for certain textured models after regulators alerted the company to a heightened cancer risk with the devices. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it called for the removal after new information showed Allergan’s Biocell breast implants with a textured surface were tied to the vast majority of cases of...

  • facebook Jul 22, 2019

    Hong Kong Crisis Escalates After Mob Attack on Protesters

    An overnight attack by white-clad assailants apparently targeting pro-democracy protesters raised tensions to new levels in Hong Kong on Monday as China harshly criticized the weekend demonstration, saying “central authority cannot be challenged.” The Chinese rebuke came after its Hong Kong office was targeted Sunday night by protesters who pelted it with eggs and spray-painted its walls. It made no...

  • Donald Trump Jul 10, 2019

    US Terminates Funds for Anti-Iran Twitter Feed

    The State Department said Wednesday it has terminated support for an online project aimed at fighting Iranian disinformation after it tweeted harsh criticism of individual human rights workers, academics and journalists, some of whom are U.S. citizens. Lea Gabrielle, the head of the department’s Global Engagement Center, said at a congressional hearing that funding for an outside contractor that ran...

  • Donald Trump Jun 28, 2019

    Stonewall: A Bar's Path From Illicit Dive to LGBTQ Landmark

    Fifty years ago, the Stonewall Inn was an underground gay bar where a police raid sparked a rebellion that fueled the modern LGBTQ rights movement.

  • France Jun 14, 2019

    What's So Bad About Processed Foods? Scientists Offer Clues

    Chips, soda and frozen pizzas tend to be full of salt, sugar and fat, but now scientists are trying to understand if there’s something else about such processed foods that might be bad for us. Already, the spread of cheap, packaged foods has been linked to rising obesity rates around the world. Yet advice to limit processed foods can seem...

  • social media Jun 14, 2019

    Memphis Police Appeal for Calm After Marshals Kill Black Man

    Police appealed for calm Thursday in a tense Memphis neighborhood where a rock-throwing crowd gathered after federal marshals fatally shot a black man who, authorities said, had rammed a police vehicle with a stolen car. Thirty-six officers suffered minor injuries from flying rocks and bricks in the hours following the death of 20-year-old Brandon Webber, who was killed Wednesday evening...

  • Instagram Jun 12, 2019

    Gabriele ‘Gabe' Grunewald, Runner With Cancer Who Inspired Many, Dies at 32

    Gabriele Grunewald, one of the country’s top middle-distance runners, has died at her home in Minneapolis after inspiring many with her long and public fight against cancer. She was 32. Her husband, Justin Grunewald, said she died Tuesday night. “It was one of the most peaceful passings I’ve seen. Everything she did was timed in her own time and perfect,”...

  • NBC May 29, 2019

    Animals Will Downsize Over the Next Century, Study Finds

    Large birds and land mammals that live long lives, like rhinos and eagles, will die out over the next century while small, insect-eating animals that die young will predominate, according to new research. NBC News reported that rodents and songbirds will win out as the climate changes, forests disappear and cities grow; large birds and land mammals are known to...

  • head May 8, 2019

    Houston Girl in Amber Alert Was Removed From Home in August

    A 4-year-old Texas girl whose stepfather reported she was abducted over the weekend had been removed from the family home months earlier because of allegations of abuse but was later returned, a child protection agency said Tuesday. The history of alleged abuse in Maleah Davis’ home emerged as police raise questions about her stepfather’s account of the girl’s abduction, and...

  • Donald Trump Apr 26, 2019

    Border Patrol Expands Fingerprinting of Migrant Children

    U.S. border authorities say they’ve started to increase the biometric data they take from children 13 years old and younger, including fingerprints, despite privacy concerns and government policy intended to restrict what can be collected from migrant youths. A Border Patrol official said this week that the agency had begun a pilot program to collect the biometrics of children with...

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