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  • Attorney Oct 24, 2019

    Why Do Celebrities Keep Getting Sued for Their Instagram Posts?

    Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, Justin Bieber and other stars are being saddled with six-figure lawsuits for sharing photos…of themselves.

  • facebook Oct 13, 2019

    Facebook's Libra Currency Battered by Defections, Pushback

    Facebook faces a rough road ahead with Libra, but defections by high-profile partners are still unlikely to spell the end for the digital currency.

  • President Sep 13, 2019

    Prosecutors Say Man Cheated Delta Frequent Flyer Program

    Federal prosecutors in Atlanta say the managing partner of a Chicago travel agency fraudulently accumulated millions of points in a Delta Air Lines frequent flyer program.

  • CEO Jul 31, 2019

    Impossible Foods, Others, Use Partners to Expand

    After months of shortages, Impossible Foods is partnering with a veteran food production company to ramp up supplies of its popular plant-based burgers. The Redwood City, Calif.-based startup is partnering with OSI Group, an original supplier to McDonald’s and one of the world’s largest food producers. OSI, based in Aurora, Ill., will immediately begin production of the Impossible Burger at...

  • May 22, 2019

    How Ad Companies May Be Targeting You At Hospitals, Churches

    New technology is allowing companies to tailor ads to consumers based on the locations they visit, but privacy experts warn that sort of tracking could cross the line when people visit areas where they may expect a heightened level of privacy, such as medical centers, houses of worship and courthouses. Katie Kim reports.

  • Chicago May 22, 2019

    How Ad Companies May Be Targeting You At Hospitals, Churches, According to Experts

    Using the latest high-tech tactics in digital marketing, some companies are quietly hiring geofencing advertisers to send Ads to targeted groups.
    Privacy groups say there is nothing stopping these advertisers or anyone from geofencing sensitive areas, such as hospitals, polling places, schools and beyond. The upcoming 2020 elections may find geofencing a tool to target voters.

  • CEO Aug 9, 2018

    Tesla CEO's Buyout Bid Raises Eyebrows, Legal Concerns

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is seeking relief from the pressures of running a publicly held company with a $72 billion buyout of the electric car maker, but he may be acquiring new headaches with his peculiar handling of the proposed deal. Almost everything about the deal is outlandish, from Musk’s out-of-the-blue disclosure in a nine-word tweet to the assertion that...

  • NBC Jun 3, 2018

    Scottish Hospital Is Ready to Treat Cryptocurrency Addiction

    A Scottish hospital is ready to begin treating people with cryptocurrency addictions, NBC News reported. Castle Craig Hospital, a residential rehab center that treats alcohol, drug, behavioral and gambling addictions will now treating crypto-addiction within its gambling program, the center’s website says. The compulsive need to check the price of cryptocurrency or to make trades can turn into an all-consuming...

  • Donald Trump Jan 16, 2018

    Panama Hotel Votes to Drop Trump, But His Company Won't Go

    An attempt to oust President Donald Trump’s hotel business from managing a luxury hotel in Panama has turned bitter, with accusations of financial misconduct. Trump Hotels is contesting its firing, and its staff ran off a team of Marriott executives invited last month to visit the property during a search for a new hotel operator, according to two people familiar...

  • CEO Sep 8, 2017

    Apple Embarks on Emmy Quest With Big Bet on Video Streaming

    Television is one of the few screens that has Apple hasn’t conquered, but that may soon change. The world’s richest company appears ready to aim for its own Emmy-worthy programming along the lines of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

  • facebook Sep 6, 2017

    Houston's Businesses Inching Back to Work as Waters Recede

    More than a week after Harvey poured more than 4 feet of rain on Houston America’s fourth-biggest city is striving to reopen for business.

  • Donald Trump Aug 19, 2017

    Trump's New Communications Director Isn't New to His Ways

    After three people tackled the assignment with limited success, the job of keeping President Donald Trump on message has for now fallen to Hope Hicks, a young former public relations aide and political neophyte who entered his orbit not knowing the ride would eventually take her into the cutthroat world of Washington politics. Word of Hicks’ promotion — she already...

  • Florida Aug 16, 2017

    New $28.75 Charge to Visit Elvis' Grave During Vigil Upsets Fans

    For nearly four decades, fans of the late singer Elvis Presley have made a solemn procession past his grave at his Graceland mansion during the annual candlelight vigil commemorating his death, without paying a penny.
    This year, on the 40th anniversary of the rock n’ roll icon’s death, it’s going to cost them $28.75.
    Many fans are not happy.

  • Donald Trump Jun 3, 2017

    Trump to Nominate Richard Spencer for Navy Secretary

    President Donald Trump says he’s found a new candidate for the civilian post of Navy secretary.
    His name is Richard Spencer, and he’s a former financial industry executive. Spencer is also a former Marine Corps captain.

  • Donald Trump Apr 26, 2017

    Border Wall Bids Include Tourist Attraction, Solar Panels

    Tuesday was the deadline for companies to propose designs for President Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico. U.S. Customs and Border Protection will ask several of the bidders to build prototypes in San Diego. The government won’t identify companies until contracts are awarded around June 1 — and even then, only the winners — but some bidders released plans on...

  • Donald Trump Mar 23, 2017

    Stock Rally Sputters After Vote on Health Bill Is Delayed

    After a promising start, U.S. stock indexes gave up an early rally and ended mostly lower Thursday after Republicans delayed a vote on their health care bill and left investors concerned about delays for the business-friendly agenda of President Donald Trump. The Dow Jones industrial average rose as much as 96 points just before 1 p.m., but doubts about the...

  • Chicago Sep 21, 2016

    Report: Arne Duncan Not Considering Run for Governor, Mayor

    Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan told the Chicago Sun-Times Tuesday that he isn’t considering a run for Chicago mayor or Illinois governor

  • encryption Sep 3, 2011

    Obama Pulls Back on Smog

    President Obama on Friday ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to pull back proposed tighter smog standards, “citing the importance of reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty” in a sputtering economy. Read More

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