• Colombia Oct 24, 2021

    Colombia's Most Wanted Drug Lord Captured in Jungle Raid

    Úsuga, better known by his alias Otoniel, is the alleged head of the much-feared Gulf Clan, whose army of assassins has terrorized much of northern Colombia to gain control of major cocaine smuggling routes through thick jungles north to Central America and onto the U.S.

  • mayor Nov 23, 2019

    Colombia President Orders Curfew in Bogota Following Unrest

    Colombian President Iván Duque ordered a curfew in the nation’s capital Friday amid continuing unrest following a massive march a day before that brought tens of thousands to the streets in a strong message of rejection against his conservative government.

  • President Nov 7, 2019

    Colombian Defense Chief Quits Amid Firestorm Over Minors Killed in Military Operation

    Colombia’s defense minister resigned Wednesday after coming under fire for failing to disclose the deaths of several minors in a military operation against dissidents belonging to the nation’s once largest guerrilla. Guillermo Botero submitted a resignation letter to President Iván Duque, touting his achievements in reducing crime while stating that the current “political circumstances” had compelled him to step...

  • head Aug 30, 2019

    Colombia Tribunal Orders Arrest of 4 FARC Leaders Taking Up Arms Again

    Colombia’s peace tribunal ordered the arrest of four rebel leaders who appeared in a video Thursday pledging to resume their insurgency. A tribunal statement said that Luciano Marín, the former chief negotiator for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, and top allies who appeared alongside him while heavily armed immediately lost their benefits under the 2016 peace deal on ending...

  • food Jun 9, 2019

    Thousands Pour Into Colombia as Venezuela Reopens Border

    Thousands of people crossed into Colombia on Saturday to buy food and medicine after Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro reopened a border between the countries that had been shut down for the past four months. Long lines of Venezuelans stood at two international bridges near the city of Cúcuta waiting to have their documents checked by Colombian officials, with some carrying...

  • food Apr 15, 2019

    US Secretary of State Visits Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia

    U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Venezuelan migrants in Colombia on Sunday as he wrapped up a four-nation tour of South America aimed at pressuring Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicolas Maduro. Pompeo went to a migrant center in the border town of Cucuta with Colombian President Ivan Duque. Not far away, Venezuelan security forces with riot gear stood in...

  • Donald Trump Feb 26, 2019

    Tensions Flare Along Venezuelan Border

    President Nicolas Maduro’s forces fired tear gas and buckshot on activists trying to deliver humanitarian aid in violent clashes that left two people dead and some 300 injured. NBC 6’s Erika Glover and Nathalia Ortiz report on the crisis in Venezuela.

  • National Guard Feb 24, 2019

    Soldiers Unleash Tear Gas Amid Tension on Venezuela's Border

    Venezuela’s National Guard fired tear gas on opposition activists at a barricaded border bridge to Colombia on Saturday, and two protesters were killed near the border in Brazil, as the opposition tried to execute a high-risk plan to deliver humanitarian aid over the obstinate refusal of President Nicolas Maduro. Opposition leader Juan Guaido pulled himself onto a semitruck and shook...

  • United States Feb 24, 2020

    Cartel Targets K-9: Extraordinary Drug Dog Worries Colombia's Gulf Clan

    A Colombian drug cartel has offered a reward to anyone who can kill or capture a drug dog that has an exemplary record.

  • Donald Trump Jun 26, 2018

    Colombia Coca Production Surges to Record High: US Report

    The amount of land where peasants and drug traffickers harvest the plant used to make cocaine has surged to a record high in Colombia, a White House report said Monday, a boom that could further test historically close relations with the United States.

  • Associated Press Jun 18, 2018

    Conservative wins Colombia's presidency in divisive election

    Ivan Duque, the young conservative protege of a powerful former president, was elected Colombia’s next leader Sunday after promising to roll back a fragile peace accord that has divided the South American nation. Duque captured almost 54 percent of the vote, putting him 12 points ahead of former leftist guerrilla Gustavo Petro in a tense runoff election that had appeared...

  • mayor May 29, 2018

    Dismayed Colombians Weigh Uneasy Options in Runoff Race

    It was the outcome millions of Colombians had hoped to avoid: A bitter runoff between two presidential candidates whose polarizing viewpoints once again leave the nation divided. In order to win in June, both conservative former senator Ivan Duque and one-time guerrilla leftist Gustavo Petro will need to sway many of the more than 6 million voters who lie somewhere...

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