Chicago Reacts to Blago Sentence

Locals react to Rod Blagojevich's sentence.

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Michael Kaplan
Gwen Watson
n"If you're going to sentence him, sentence all the crooks in politics to prison," said Gwen Watson. "I feel bad for him because he has a family, but he should have thought of that before."
Michael Kaplan
Wayne Moore
n"I think its great," said Wayne Moore. "I think our public officials need to be held to a high standard and this should send a message that this kind of behavior is unacceptable."
Michael Kaplan
Mike McDonald
"It's fantastic," said Loop resident Mike McDonald. "That's the kind of behavior in our statehouses and on Wall Street and our financial institutions that we need to apply the same standard for. Or people like Occupy Wall Street are going to do it for us."
Michael Kaplan
Carolyn Szczurek
"I think 14 years is steep, but I think he deserves it," said Ravenswood resident Carolyn Szczurek. "It sucks for him and his family, but he should have learned from George Ryan."
Michael Kaplan
Dave Heniff
n"I think it's a little excessive because he didn't kill anybody," said Dave Heniff. "I think he should get some time, but 14 years is harsh. People do more and get less all the time."
Michael Kaplan
Chris Earl
"I feel for him," said Hyde Park resident Chris Earl. "In the end, 14 years is a lot. I think our city has a long history of corruption and he was just a scapegoat for it."
Michael Kaplan
Kris Roberts
n"Yes, yes, awesome," said Oak Park resident Kris Roberts. "I'm glad to see something works in our political system."
Michael Kaplan
Gary Martin (right)
n"I can only imagine the horror of spending 14 years in a cell. That's a long time to spend in a five-by-eight cell," said Winnetka resident Gary Martin. Jeremy Galloway
"It was an abuse of the office. I feel bad for his family, but I don't feel bad for him," said Ravenswood resident Jeremy Galloway.
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