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Quick-Thinking 5-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life

Hunter Johnson called 911 after finding mom unconscious on the floor



    Quick-Thinking 5-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life
    Hunter Johnson

    When Sue Johnson collapsed in her bathroom floor last year with a 102-degree fever, her fate lay in the hands of her 5-year-old son, Hunter.

    Luckily he knew to call 9-1-1.

    "Mommy's really sick. Really, really sick," young Hunter said to a dispatcher on April 22, 2009. "She just fell down and I can't get her up."

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    [Audio: Listen to 911 Call (edited)]

    Hunter, just five years old at the time, was able to give the dispatcher his telephone number, which was enough info for emergency personnel on their way to the Antioch home.

    Sue Johnson, who is anemic, can be heard briefly speaking to the 911 dispatcher, but she said she doesn't remember it. 

    When paramedics arrived, Hunter Johnson became "the man in charge."  He told arriving police that his brother and sister were at school and that daddy was at work. 

    He took care of Bongo, the family's huge St. Bernard Mastiff, and put him in his kennel so paramedics could do their work.  And when Sue Johnson was transported to the hospital, Hunter told paramedics that the neighbor would be able to watch him for a while. 

    By the time Sue Johnson reached the hospital, her fever had climbed to a solid 103 degrees.

    She's fine now, and proud of her little boy, who will be honored by the American Red Cross next month with a Youth Good Samaritan Hero Award.

    Sue Johnson said that her two older children, who are a year apart in age, both went to Camp Crayon.  The program teaches young children their phone number, address, and how to call 911.  Johnson suspects her youngest son picked up the information while talking about it with the older children.