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Contempt Charge Stands

Lawyer plans to appeal on First Amendment grounds



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    She wears the robe, so she makes the rules.

    The Lake County judge who sentenced a woman to 48-hours in lockup because of an offensive T-Shirt Monday refused to relent and vacate her contempt ruling.

    Jennifer LaPenta, 20, came to Lake County Circuit court dressed in professional attire this time and appealed to Judge Helen Rozenberg to wipe-clean her record of the t-shirt charge.

    But LaPenta, who originally was charged with contempt because of a t-shirt that read “I have the p***y, so I make the rules” was rebuffed.

    LaPenta’s lawyer said he plans to take the case to the appeals court, and pursue a First Amendment case in federal court.

    "The judges decision was filled with so many flaws,"said attorney Peter Kalagis. "We'll be filing an appeal sometime after Memorial Day."

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