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Drew Considers Job Offer from Smarmy Whore House Owner



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    They couldn't get Blago, so now they want Drew.

    The owner of a legal whore house in Nevada made an unbelievably chauvinistic pitch to hire Drew Peterson for a reality show about the brothel -- and Drew may take him up on it.

    Dennis Hof, the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, told WBBM that Peterson "doesn't have an old lady now; at least they can't find her" and so "he might as well be on my show and have some fun with the girls."

    Honestly, did you expect the owner of a brothel to be any less crass?

    On Wednesday, Drew's publicist confirmed that Peterson is considering the offer, and said there would be nothing wrong with the former Bolingbrook police officer taking the job.

    Peterson's wife, of course, has been missing since 2007. While Drew claims she ran off with another man, her family and friends suspect he killed her. Drew is an official suspect in her disappearance.

    Hof initially went after Rod Blagojevich for the show, but the disgraced governor turned it down through his publicist (the same publicist handles Drew).  If Peterson says no, maybe Hof can get Vanilla Ice.

    No matter who he gets, Hof's show promises to be a real class act.