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Quinn Offers No Alternative to Tax Increase

Members of his own party aren't fans



    Quinn Offers No Alternative to Tax Increase
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    Quinn needs to level with the people.

    Pat Quinn suggests there is no alternative to a tax hike other than education cuts. 

    The Democratic governor has proposed raising the personal and corporate income tax rate by 1 percentage point. That would drive the personal rate to 4 percent from 3 percent.

    It's not popular, but the governor wouldn't say if he has a plan to avoid deep education cuts if lawmakers resist his call to raise the state income tax.

    Quinn insisted Monday he's optimistic lawmakers will do what he wants so the state doesn't have to cut $1.3 billion from education.

    But even members of his own party doubt that a tax increase will go through.

    “The people of Illinois, they don’t want tax increases,” Madigan said. “They’re hurting. People are out of work. You should admire the governor for standing up in these times and say, ‘Look if we wish to maintain the fiscal integrity of this state, then we ought to do this tax increase.’ That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.”

    Quinn's general election challenger, Bill Brady, has argued for a ten percent tax cut across the board, but so far hasn't offered any specifics.