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Will Huberman Need Council Stamp of Approval?

Lawsuit declares city council must approve Daley’s appointees



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    Another obstacle for Huberman: a lawsuit argues that Daley's appointees must be approved by the city council.

    Not many Chicagoans approved when Mayor Daley appointed former CTA President Ron Huberman the Chicago Public Schools' CEO. But according to a new lawsuit, Huberman may have to earn the approval of the City Council.

    Activist and 2007 Mayoral candidate William Dock Walls has filed a lawsuit arguing that the mayor must include the Chicago City Council in the CEO selection process, in compliance with the city municipal code.

    "Whenever a vacancy shall occur in any office which by law he is empowered to fill," the code reads, "the mayor shall, within 30 days after the occurrence of such vacancy, communicate to the city council the name of his appointee to such office."

    According to Walls' lawsuit, the mayor can appoint anyone he chooses to the position, but he must include the city council in the decision-making.

    It's an argument of semantics really, as the mayor's power comes from the state law, which doesn't say anything about the city council.

    But even if Walls' suit stands, Huberman's new position will likely remain secure. Daley has several allies in the city council, and Huberman worked with many aldermen as CTA president.

    Daley usually gets what he wants, one way or another.

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