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High School Trash Talk More Like Hate Speech

Facebook message made references to lynching



    High School Trash Talk More Like Hate Speech
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    Athletes, especially teenage boys, are known for delivering trash talk to their rivals. But one Peotone high school student took things too far when he posted a hateful message on Facebook page of Crete-Monee's Jihad Yousef.

    "hey jihad or whatever ur muslim [censored] name is, come to peotone and be ready to be noosed in the trees....here in peotone we dont [------] around when it comes to [------] ...just be ready to become our slaves just like the way it should be since [------] dont provide to the country,...were hosting a ku kulx klan [sic] rally this week if u wanna come and be our victims," is the message he received from a rival's Facebook account.

    Yousef, an honor student at Crete-Monee High School and pitcher on the baseball team, received the message on Sunday, reports the Southtown Star.

    Whoa. Racial slurs? Death threats? Whatever happened to "You throw like a girl"?

    Yousef wasn't angry. He was just shocked and didn't know what to do at first, he told the Southtown Star.

    The high school junior and his parents showed the message to school administrators and Peotone police.

    Police saw the matter serious enough to warrant an investigation, despite both of the schools saying the incident has been sufficiently handled. Police could pursue hate crime charges.

    The offending Peotone student already has been handed a 5-to-10-day school suspension and a 2-game baseball suspension, reports the Southtown Star.

    Yousef's mother, Paula, said she didn't care about the punishment, however. Instead, she expressed what many of us are wondering:

    "I want to know what's going on in his head," she told the Southtown Star. "There's so much hatred in those words."

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