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Elgin Man Threatens Judge

Another case of bad behavior in courtroom



    Elgin Man Threatens Judge
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    Whatever happened to courtroom etiquette? Lately defendants have been flipping off, throwing eggs at, and just straight-up laughing at the judges presiding over their cases.

    In the most recent example of immature courtroom behavior, an Elgin man threatened a judge during his bond hearing Friday morning, reports The Courier News.

    Alex Barrera, 23, was charged with stealing a woman's cell phone and using it to make threatening calls to her family and friends, according to police.

    Facing a one- to four-year sentence, Barrera appeared before Judge Bruce Lester via video hookup for a bond hearing. The accused man was being held in the jail across the street from the judge's courtroom.

    Evidently, Barrera took the video as an opportunity to be a foul-mouthed reality star.

    After refusing to put on a shirt and interrupting the judge numerous times, Barrera swore at the judge and threatened, "I will pop your [----] ass," according to the Daily Herald.

    Officials promptly escorted Barrera back to his cell.

    Barrera appeared in court again Saturday, this time face-to-face, with Judge Patricia Piper-Golden.

    Barrera's bail was set at $25,000 for his original theft charge. But because he didn't know how to keep his mouth shut, another $500,000 was added for his threat to a public official, reports The Courier News.

    Barrera very nearly let his attitude get the best of him again, as he mumbled angrily after the judgment. Golden warned him, however, that if he didn't keep quiet, he would face charges of contempt of court.

    Barrera, finally, remained silent.

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