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Chicagoans Featured in "Facebook Fairytales"—the Book

Two Chicagoans are featured in a new book about the power of Facebook



    Chicagoans Featured in "Facebook Fairytales"—the Book
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    Facebook helps you connect, unless you make fun of Facebook, in which case you'll be disconnected.

    Two Chicagoans who made a big impact on Facebook are now featured in a book about the social networking site’s marketing power.

    Chris Hughes, a creator of Facebook and the former social networker for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and attorney Rebecca Phillips Ketchie, share their stories in a new book titled, “Facebook Fairytales: Modern Day Miracles to Inspire the Human Spirit,” reported Crain’s Chicago Business.

    "In February 2007, Chris left Facebook and its 15 million users to move to chilly Chicago, where he'd commence a unique experience that would alter the course of American politics indelibly.” said author Emily Liebert in her book.

    The author seemed impressed with Hughes’ story.

    “He believed in Barack Obama and his message of change, perhaps more than he believed in his own capabilities of tackling such a daunting task," said Liebert to Crain's. 

    Ketchie gained nationwide attention and hundreds of followers after creating a Facebook page about her extremely conservative alma mater, “Bob Jones University Survivors.”

    She used Facebook as an open letter to the school to demand a retraction for racist comments, and it worked because an apology was offered according to Crain’s.

    “The power of social networking is taking over the world,” said Liebert.