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Dozens Hurt in CTA Bus Crash

All passengers listed in good condition, some with minor injuries



    A Chicago Transit Authority bus crash on south Lake Shore Drive sent 37 people to hospitals Saturday night.

    The crash happened in the southbound lanes near Interstate 55.  The No. 6 Jackson Park Express bus was carrying around 70 people when for some reason, it veered off the road onto a grassy patch at 2900 South Lake Shore Drive, near Cermak Road and McCormick Place, and collided with several trees.

    Modupe Sodamande was on the bus when it happened.

    "People were kind of toppling over each other, and that's the way we kind of buffered each other," Sodamande said.

    CTA Bus Crashes on Lake Shore Drive

    [CHI] CTA Bus Crashes on Lake Shore Drive
    Passengers and officials talk in the aftermath of a CTA bus crash that sent nearly 40 people to hospitals Saturday night.
    (Published Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010)

    Another passenger things the sheer number of people onboard kept the bus stable.

    "Had those trees not been there, and had we not all been on that bus to distribute the weight, it would have flipped," passenger Rachel Henry said.

    At the moment there is no indication that another vehicle was involved.

    Twenty-one ambulances were on the scene within minutes, and traffic was shut down briefly on the southbound lanes. 

    Four passengers were taken to hospitals in critical condition.

    CTA said it is too early in their investigation to determine what happened, but passengers have already started to speculate about how and why the driver lost control.

    "We didn't know that up front someone was holding onto the wheel with her, to help her, but apparently it locked," Henry said.

    "She was pressing the brakes, the bus driver, and the bus wouldn't stop," said passenger Sirseal Gibson, whose mother was hurt in the accident.

    "Apparently, the pole and her didn't get along in the bus draft, so ... her leg went into the pole," Gibson said.