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Blunt Ban?

Illinois General assembly considering a change



    Blunt Ban?
    A marijuana users fills a blunt wrap.

    Some people call them blunts, some call them Phillys. One Chicago minister is calling the cigars, which are often emptied of tobacco and refilled with marijuana, bad news. 

    “Of all of the evils that are available, we don’t need an extra evil that’s available to our children,” Bishop Larry Trotter said at Sweet Holy Spirit Church, Sunday.

    He’s not alone in his anti-cigar crusade.

    Trotter and other clergy members have teamed with cops to back a General Assembly bill that would classify the cigars as drug paraphernalia. 

    Sen. Kwame Raoul and state Rep. Art Turner have sponsored the legislation that would make Swisher Sweets and White Owls something akin to rolling papers and water bongs.

    Trotter said he plans to circulate petitions to 50 churches in Cook County to help garner support for the blunt ban.