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The Next Ed and Jillian?

Park Ridge's Jeff Schroeder has kept his alliance with "Big Brother 11" winner Jordan Lloyd



    The Next Ed and Jillian?
    "Big Brother 11" winner Jordan Lloyd and America's favorite player, Jeff Schroeder, at a Hollywood part in September.

    A new manufactured-for-reality-TV couple could compete with Ed and Jillian for the title of Chicago's cutest TV duo, the Sun-Times reports.

    Park Ridge's Jeff Schroeder, 31, and North Carolina native Jordan Lloyd, 22, first hooked up under the watchful eye of "Big Brother 11."

    They were the social underdogs, but even as 52 cameras and 95 microphones tracking their every move, the pair built up an alliance that lasted throughout the taping, spilling into the real world.

    "We just clicked," said Jordan, who fell for the most unpopular cast member.

    "Nobody really liked me," Jeff said, "to the point that I thought, 'Maybe I am a jerk. I'll just keep my mouth shut.'"

    But when the rest of the show's cast ganged up on him, Jordan came to the rescue.

    "Everybody was just walking by, and no one would talk to him," Jordan said.  "I decided from there on out, even though we're the underdogs, I'd rather stick with this person because I like him," she said.

    The duo did stuck together, through muddy cast disputes and embarrassing diaper competitions, ultimately winning the affection -- and money -- from the show's viewers.

    By the end of the show, fans had voted Jeff as their favorite house guest and he walked away with $25,000 and a trip to Hawaii.  But it was Jordan who came out on top, winning the $500,000 grand prize.

    "I really believe that she was there to win," Jeff said, "and if I was there to help her, even better."

    "Some people say, 'Oh Jordan, she's such an airhead,' but there's a lot more to Jordan than meets the eye," Jeff said.  "She's got a good grip on what's going on around her," he added.

    The pair have been spending a lot of time together on a "Big Brother 11" press binge, reports the Sun-Times, and have been toying with the idea of living in Chicago.

    So what's next for the couple?  The "Favorite Duo" nominees are flying to Los Angeles this week to attend the Fox Reality Channel awards.