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What do You Think About Obama's State of the Union Speech?

President Obama makes jobs his top priority.

Updated 2:03 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

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Here are some comments NBC5 morning news viewers sent us via email and Facebook about President Obama's State of the Union address.

"Lots of our people in goverment don't feel that we need health care  where in fact we really do. And to really maybe convince them and some of the american people as well." - Darrell


"He did a WONDERFUL job of challenging our reps (and us) to get on the train and help move this country forward by helping ALL its citizens get their share of the recovery process!  He has shown us we CAN do it IF (and our representatives) stop arguing amongst each other and put our country and its people first -- our President has done this -- now it's up to us and our elected surrogates to do the same." -  Mary R.

President Barack Obama delivers his first State of...

President Barack Obama delivers his first State of...


"Same old stuff. More lies, more smoke & mirrors, more political speak without any real substance. Just another effort to get the public to drink the kool-aid while the economy goes bust and he tries to slip the health care bill by us. Stop it already !" - Anonymous


"He is an eloquent speaker; lacking a solid plan. He talked about what we need but does not address the outline of how it will happen. [Alot] of words not much action." - Anonymous


"Housing market: what is he going to do to help stimulate the market. His plan last year didn't work." - Anonymous


"I thoroughly enjoyed President Obama's speech.  Given the horrible situation he inherited from a Republican president I think he is doing an excellent job.  Let us not forget that everything that he is trying to repair came from the previous administration... At least President Obama is trying to fulfill his promises.  Let us remember he is not God." - Anonymous 


"In my opinion I don't think the Republicans have any interest in working with the president regardless to what he says. It is really insulting to see the games that they are playing with ordinary people suffering economically!" - Andre Newman


"His nose was growing through the whole speech. Terrible job so far" - Lou Konc


"I was very happy to see the President finally come straight out and let the American Public aware of all he has had to face this past year. No President has had to quickly adjust his intended program to deal with such an emergency. For my money he is doing a great job of handling the immediate problem and still keeping true to his agenda." - Barry Roth


"Sounded like 2008, lots of talk but will it happen.  If he get his health care bill passed another lie. I will lose my health care and he will replace it with a very costly one for the [retired military]. So much for taking care of the vets.  I don't have much belief in his agenda and I won't hold my breath." -Blaine Fuhrman














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