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May 24 - May 28

Updated 6:12 AM CDT, Fri, May 28, 2010

Monday, May 24

Liza Minelli sings Beyonce's "Singles Ladies."

Sky Smith records a music video with his dad.

Own a piece of "Lost" by bidding on the show's props.

"Lost" fans turn to cats to get answers about the show.

 An IBM device could help you stop getting red light tickets.

An earthquake in Russia shakes a bridge.

Washington Post's food critic digs into the KFC Double Down sandwich.

A mom-to-be gets a thumbs up for her unborn child in an ultrasound.

Tuesday, May 25

A robbery suspect's tattoo above his lip leads to his arrest.

A guy impersonates comedian Jim Carrey in a YouTube video.

Sky Smith goes solo.

Sky's dad records his own tune.

Michael Jordan's mustache looks awfully similar to Adolf Hitler's mustache.

A biker does stunts on gates, canopies and stairs.

Several riders fail to ride their motorcycles up a hill.

Yahoo's CEO drops the "F" bomb at a tech conference.

The iPad is banned at the Yankee's new stadium.

Read or dish about affairs online.

Protestors in Texas hit the streets to tell people to cheer up and be happy.

Wednesday, May 26

BP Underwater Cam shows oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Thursday, May 27

E-mail to help us get the iPad their morning show bet they would send us when the Hawks beat the Sharks.

A Santa Monica reporter gets a parking ticket while reporting live on-air.

Heidi Montag films an "audition" tape to replace Megan Fox in "Transformers 3."

A Cubs fan catches a ball at Wrigley with his beer cup.

A flashmob in Switzerland passes out protesting the building of nuclear power plants.

A baby parties hard with some rockin' moves.

An Idaho republican is caught plagarizing President Obama's 2004 Democratic National Convention speech.

A British scientist implants a computer virus into his body.

Cold Stone Creamery's "P.B. & C Milkshake" has same amount of fat as 68 strips of bacon.

Friday, May 28

"Best Week Ever" shortens Jesse James' interview to the main point.

The "Pink Panther"  shows up a concert.

James Lipton busts some rhymes with the help of P-Diddy.

Make a dare for someone online to accept it.

A woman screams after learning who the "American Idol" winner.

Iron Baby takes on the world.

Ozzie Osbourne scares a wax museum visitors.

An Arkansas mom is fined for posting profanity on her son's Facebook page and changing his password.

American women are surpassing the number of men enrolled in college.

New moms pick up more friends than they like after giving birth.

A baby receives a cochlear implant and hears his mother's voice for the first time.

First Published: May 24, 2010 7:50 AM CDT

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