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Social Media Harassment

Former student may have had lingering animosity toward her former softball coach



    Social Media Harassment

    Remember when student pranks involved whoopee cushions on chairs?

    Three former students of Downers Grove North High School have been charged with harassing a former teacher, Lindsey Giannone of Naperville, by hacking her Facebook and e-mail accounts, according to police.

    Courtney A Hughes, 18; Kameron Rush, 18; and Derek M Smith, 18, collectively face misdeamenor charges of computer tampering and harassment via an electronic communication device.

    Hughes may have had lingering animosity toward Giannone, who was also her former softball coach, police said.

    Between December and February, the three allegedly used their computers to "access the teacher's Facebook account and her e-mail, and compromised the two," Naperville police Sgt. Gregg Bell said, according to The Downers Grove Sun.

    "Some sort of telephone harassment was also going on," said Bell.

    The three former students even had the nerve to call the teacher and tell her what they were doing, Bell told the Daily Herald.

    "It looks like they were just being nuisances and trying to upset the teacher," Bell said. "They even called her and told her they were in messing around."

    "We still aren't certain if there was a problem between the students and teacher or not," Bell said, according to the Daily Herald. "We know the teacher was Hughes's old softball coach, so there could be a problem there."

    Police used the teacher's computer to trace the alleged tampering back to the students.

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