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Bob Uecker's Biggest Fan Loses Defamation Suit

A Wisconsin Court Ruled in Favor of Brewers Euker



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    Bob Uecker, 74, can rest easy.

    Juuuussst a bit outside --- of defamation.

    A Prospect Heights woman who was suing Hall of Fame baseball announcer, and "Major League" star, Bob Uecker, lost her defamation lawsuit against him and the Milwaukee Brewers.

    Ann Ladd accused Uecker and the organization of defamation because they used the word "stalker" to describe her.

    Uecker, former "Mr. Belvedere" star, claimed in 2006 that Ann Ladd had been stalking him for many years. She sent him unwanted gifts, appeared at ballparks he was visiting and even showed up at his hotel, Uecker alleged.

    A court dismissed felony stalking charges against Ladd but barred her from contacting Uecker or attending his games.

    In 2008, Ladd sued Uecker alleging his claims and a report on The Smoking Gun website defamed her because her behavior never rose to the level of "stalker."

    Uecker and the Brewers argued the two-year statue of limitations expired before the suit was filed.

    A Wisconsin appeals court agreed Wednesday.

    The three-panel of judges ruled Uecker and Brewer can't be held responsible if articles are republished after the original publication's statue of limitations runs out.