Lots of celebrities have amazing abs, so it's no wonder they want to show them off. But sometimes they go too far.

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Singer Gwen Stefani performs on stage. She's never afraid to show her incredible abs and tiny waist.
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When it comes to midriffs, Shakira clearly isn't shy. And in most cases, she's sassy, not trashy.
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Fergie's not afraid to let it all hang out. Fergalicious? You decide.
You might not be able to tell under the headdress and huge sunglasses, but this midriff owner happens to be Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. The rainbow Middle Eastern inspired midriff is quite sassy, but paired with jeans that creep dangerously low on a scarily hollow mid section, we'll pass.
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In an outfit only Paris Hilton would subject us to, we have a monokini meets minidress. And in case we forget who's wearing this lovely gem, she's kindly emblazoned "Paris" across the front. Perhaps she should write "Trashy" on the other side?
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We all know Beyonce's got the goods. But what is up with this outfit? The crocheted top and gemmed chain belt make this getup a wee too 1970s for us.
Wrap your brain around this one: Lindsay Lohan meets modesty. (We know - crazy!) But we have to say, her silver top with see-through chevron stripe is actually pretty cute. She loses points for the belly button piercing, but all-in-all, the shirt has sass.
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We want to like this dress, really we do. It's interesting. But it looks like Diane Kruger watched The Sound of Music one too many times and cut down her drapes to make a dress.
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It looks like Sheryl Crow could break out in a belly dance at any moment, but the asymmetrical cut out is sexy without being trashy. We also love the color and metallic edging.
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Sassy and trashy two-fer! After looking at the photo on the right and wondering if those even qualify as clothes, we had to hand it to Brooke Hogan. She made an effort to wear something tailored on the left. Granted, the tailor clearly ran out of fabric, but we decided this was about as classy as we'd get from the reality star.
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All Ciarra needed to do was put on a simple white tank top for a sporty, chic look. But no. She chose to take the train to trampy town instead.
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Oh, Bai Ling, how we love to hate your clothes. Here you give us a glimpse of biker meets pirate meets French meets punk... a combination that has been woefully neglected in our era. We thank you, Bai Ling. And we mock you.
It looks as though Eva Longoria's tank top shrunk in the wash. No matter, she still pulls of the ab-reveal stylishly with her floral-embroidered waistband.
We lerrrve Miranda Kerr's midriff-revealing dress. It's stunning, stylish and sexy without going overboard.
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No, you! YOU! Yes, you, Kelly Clarkson, should seriously rethink that Metallica vest.
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Melina Kanakaredes's jeweled gown gives a tantalizing peek at her midriff. The entire effect, while sexy, remains elegant.
And then there's Heather Graham. Same peep view, but... the bow, the built-in belly purse, and did we mention it's denim??? Someone take out the trash.
Oh my trampiness! Jodie Marsh is a British reality TV star who is known for... take a guess... appearing topless in the tabloids. And while her midriff is hardly the real issue here, this particular outfit, taken as a whole, was too good to pass up.
If we said "Leather corset and sequin skirt," you would probably run away in horror. And while Katy Perry's costumes can sometimes be questionable, she totally rocked this look. Kudos to you, Ms. Perry!
Kendra Wilkinson is technically an adult, but you'd never guess that from this getup. Pigtails and miniscule babydoll track suit might work on a 4-year old, but on her it's just t-rash-y.
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Ahoy there, matey! All Leeann Tweeden needs is an eye patch, parrot and wooden leg to complete the trashy pirate look.
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Two words: super cool. Rihanna totally rocks the cropped leather jacket.
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We're willing to overlook the ginormous necklace and focus on the clean lines of Tori Spelling's crisp, tailored jacket and pants. The little midriff peep gives it some pop and the whole look works for her.
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Gwen Stefani is going for a sexy drum majorette look, which on anyone else would be ridicilous. But this is Gwen Stefani we're talking about. She can get away with almost anything.
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Sassy or trashy midriffs? The Pussycat Dolls. 'Nuff said.
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This look is a little off. The neckline is all modesty but the waist is slung a little too low to stay classy.
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While Jessica Alba's waistband is alarmingly low, the lacy jacket and tulle layered skirt elevate the look to sassy.
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We love Sienna Miller's halter top with wide leg pant. She doesn't bare too much, but just enough. The look is chic and stylish.
Jennifer Lopez sports a few inches of midriff in a way that is neither sassy nor trashy and we find ourselves agreeing with her tank top. Who cares?
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While Mariah Carey's girl-next-door outfit isn't trashy, it's not quite sassy, either. The tied shirt and multicolored skirt are just kind of "eh."
Adrianne Curry of America's Next Top Model attempts to look exotic, but the getup just looks like a cheap costume. Sorry, Curry, but you're no longer in the running for being sassy.
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Here's how it's done... Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty puts a sexy spin on the sari. The midriff-baring draping is sassy without crossing the line.
Emmanuelle Chriqui, best known for her role as Sloan on Entourage, sports a little sexy midriff, but keeps things casual with a jacket and jeans.
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Lauren Pope is a UK "actress" turned "entrepreneur." We're not quite sure what she really does "for a living," but we are sure that when hip bones - and a full inch below them - are visible, you ain't sassy.
While this isn't the worst out fit we've ever seen on Katie Price, it is still a far cry from the sassy side of things. Note the riding crop.
While Lil' Kim's abs aren't the biggest issue here, they aren't helping matters, either.
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We're not sure what's going on with Alyssa Milano's outfit. All the ingredients are there. The hair is cute. The top is cute. The pants are cute. But together? It's not working.
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At first glance, it appears that Shakara is wearing lingerie for a fashion show, but she's on the red carpet, so we have to assume this is a dress. And, if that is the case, it is far from sassy.
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Joss Stone's hippy reveal is hardly outrageous. The plain tank and floral skirt look falls flat.
Let's not forget Austria's leading fashion guru Bruno. With a treasure trail and red thong clearly visible, how could Sacha Baron Cohen's cropped jacket outfit rank as anything other than... sassy! (What? You were expecting something else?)
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