Holiday Gifts: The Naughty List

Are you looking to heat up a cold winter night? These gifts are sure to land you on Santa's naughty list.

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It may look like the Stairmaster, but this Iceberg by Love Bumper will make you the master of the bedroom. Experiment with new positions for an exciting night of lovin'. Price: $85
OhMiBod gives "plug and play" a whole new meaning. The vibrations follow the beat of your favorite music. Time to get down...and dirty. Price: $69
When the bed, couch, and heck, the floor, and wall aren't enough, try Liberator sex furniture. New positions, angles and the design are sure to please. Price: $299
Think of it as a "sex message." Boditalk Escort will take you to the land of pleasure with every phone call and text message you receive. As your phone rings, the vibrator brings you an erotic experience. Price: $59
You can never be too prepared when it comes to sex. Plus, you don't want to miss out on the fun if caught by surprise. So, these crystalized condom carriers are great to keep with you (stocked of course), just in case. Price: $199 (Note: You can get a condom case without the glitz for much less.)
Bumps and Grinds is one board game that'll knock the socks (and more) right off of you. A cross between Truth or Dare and Strip Poker, the idea of the game is to get nekkid. Price: $28 (Note: Versions of this game include alcohol consumption, so you must be 21-years-old or over to play.)
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Need some inspiration? "101 Nights of Grrreat Sex" is one book that won't put you to sleep. It will provide you with passion and romance night after night after night. Price: $20
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There's nothing like erotic sounds to set the mood. Romance novels on CD, sex tip CD's and sensual music will get anyone rip-roaring to go. Price: $12-$16 at
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Sexy lingerie is a timeless classic, sure to set the mood. And remember, the skimpier, the lacier, the naughtier...the better. Prices may vary.
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