Brant Miller’s Weather Photos: February 28 – March 6

Check out these viewer weather photos that were featured on Brant Miller's Weather Photos segment between February 28 and March 6.

12 photos
Jerry Kaifetz
"One of two wild swans that dropped by for a visit to our pond this morning." Photo taken in Hebron, IN
Fran and Jay Gullota
Taken at the annual Open House at Orchids by Hausermann in Villa Park, IL.
Liv Nandra
The view from over a fog-covered Lake Shore Drive.
Taken in Crown Point, IN
John Denk
"I took it this afternoon at Pilcher Park in Joliet. It's a strange native plant called Skunk Cabbage, and the purplish things are flower spathes, it blooms in late Winter, the tiny flowers are inside the purple thing. They actually generate heat internally and melt the ground and snow around them."
Harrison Hintzsche
Geese wandering around NIU's lagoon
Getty Images
A chilly pier in Evanston as it temporarily thaws out.
George Watford
Anyone up for some mid-winter fishing?
Harlan Horn
"Snow on a pile of bricks alongside the train tracks with a old train station in the background." Photo taken in Lake Zurich.
Loree Norberg
"Finally a sign of Spring emerges! These are snowdrops and are one of the first plants to come up every year." Photo taken in Downers Grove, IL.
Marc Kolpon
Photo taken while "looking out over Lake Michigan from the roof of our apartment building in Gold Coast Area."
Louie Medina
Chicago in winter.
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