Neighbors Want Dog Euthanized After Girl Attacked

A Portage, Ind., family is fighting to have their neighbor's dog euthanized after the pit bull attacked a young girl in February.

The 7-year-old girl was mauled by the dog in February while playing with friends in the yard between their homes.

"When I got to the hospital, what I saw was horrifying. My daughter's leg was torn apart, mauled," the girl's mother, Jessica Nygra said.

Nygra says the superficial scars will get better, but the emotional scars may take longer to heal.

"She's terrified. Won't go outside unless we are right there," Nygra said.

Nygra filed a dangerous dog lawsuit and started a petition signed by dozens of their neighbors.

Earlier this month, city officials agreed the dog should be euthanized, but the owner's dog, Stan Butrym, says he'll fight to keep his rescue dog, Gus, alive.

"I'm very sympathetic. No one wants this on their conscience of a little girl getting hurt. I feel bad for it, the family knows I feel bad for it, but Gus doesn't need the death penalty because of my mistake," Butrym said.

But witnesses say the dog has been violent before, including attacking its owner in July.

Nygra says it's a mistake that shouldn't have to happen again.

"Something needs to be done. To still be dealing with this months later, there's a flaw in the system. There is a problem," Nygra said.

Butrym has started a fund-raising web site for Gus to try to save his life.

The victim's family say they're disgusted by it, and will do whatever it takes to protect their kids.

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