Jillian Moves In

The Bachelorette's now cohabitating with Ed Swiderski and his dirty socks that're "lying all over the place."

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Jillian moved into Ed's River North condo on Sept. 15th. Roomies!
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"I'm looking forward to some sort of normalcy, " said Jillian, speaking of life with Ed.
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"There were socks and underwear lying around the place," Jillian told People magazine.
“I tried to keep it masculine, but I replaced some of his dark brown cushions with some cream and light green to lighten it up a bit.”
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Harris updated the one-bedroom condo with gear from Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie and Bed, Bath and Beyond. She also had to tidy up around the bachelor pad.
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Jillian is OK with making dinners, waking up early and cleaning the house... lots of cleaning.
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Jillian has wedding plans all sorted out but she won't say anything until the two have lived six months together.
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The two are already talking about getting hitched. Jillian has the whole thing planned out, even she won’t set a date until the two have lived together for at least six months, which is just enough time to see if Swiderski remains faithful.
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