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Groundhog Debate: Phil vs. Willie

Punxsutawney Phil and Woodstock Willie don't agree



    Heavy Rain & Storms
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    Punxsutawney Phil and Woodstock Willie have spoken. But they don't agree.

    One says winter, the other says spring. Who to believe?

    Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow Thursday morning in western Pennsylvania, signaling six more weeks of winter. Woodstock Willie, however, saw no shadow and predicted spring is on the way.

    The former was a fitting morning forecast for Chicago, covered in fog ahead of a chilly start to the day.

    Still, Willie must have taken the city's mild winter into consideration. Thursday temperatures are again expected to reach unseasonable highs in the mid- to upper-40s and even low 50s in some southern sections.

    Friday rebounds to near-50 after a predicted hazy, foggy start, then mostly sunny and pleasant. Clouds increase ahead of a chilly weekend that should prove closer to normal with temps covering around 36.

    Heading into next week, sunny and cool conditions keep temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s.

    Chicago has seen an unseasonably warm start to the year so far, hitting 60-degree highs earlier this week. One year ago today, the city was covered by the third largest snowstorm in its history.

    For the record, NBCChicago meteorologist Andy Avalos predicted six more weeks of winter.