Driver Arrested After "Flipping" Off Unmarked Squad Car

Beware the unmarked squad car with detectives inside.

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    Gustavo Perez allegedly gave the unmarked squad car the “finger,” while he was stopped for a school bus and the car horn honked for him to go.

    Beware the unmarked squad car with detectives inside.

    A Waukegan man was driving west on Washington Street near Jackson Street, a four-lane arterial, when a school bus in the opposite lane of traffic stopped to let off children.

    According to state law, he did not have to stop, but Gustavo Perez, 39, did stop his black Volkswagen. A detective in an unmarked squad car pulled up behind him and honked his horn for Perez to continue. Perez decided to give the honking vehicle the “finger.”

    He was pulled over and it turned out he was on probation in Cook County, was driving on a revoked license and also had a non-extraditable warrant out of McHenry County.

    His passenger was ticketed for not wearing a seat belt and she was allowed to drive the vehicle away while he was taken into custody.