Chicagoans Enjoying Warmer Winter

NBC Chicago found it difficult to find many who weren't enjoying Thursday's unseasonably warm temperatures.

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"I would take this weather everyday for the next four months -- It has been a great treat."n- Kathleen Platt, 27, 345 East Ohio
"Everyone likes it when it's sunny out in January. This weather has made a big difference in people's moods."n- Tom Hanson, 57, Chicago
"This has been great. I don't mind the cold but I don't like the snow -- that can stay away."n- Angelo Karavites, 76, Chicago
"Snow is a pain, it makes everyday things like traveling such a hassle. I don't mind if it snows as long as it goes away quickly."n- Lydia Swanson, 20, Morton Grove
"I like this weather, I'm enjoying it while we have it. But I wouldn't mind if there was snow, if it's the right amount. It's ironic though, because I work for Morton Salt -- so no snow means no business."n- John Mack, 58, Orland Park
"I have mixed feelings. We can have a cheerful experience walking around in nice weather, but I missed the snow on Christmas."n- Grace Wu, 43, Evanston
"This weather is fine by me, I love it. There is plenty of time for whiteness. As long as it stays like this, it'll be great."n- Rowley Samuel, 39, Lincoln Square
"The weather has been pretty amazing. I'll take it any day because it's going to help shorten the winter out. A month or so of snow is enough -- so we if get that later on, that will be okay and if we don't, that will be okay too."n- Andy Petrasz, 27, Lake View
"The weather is wonderful, I love it. I don't miss the snow at all. The whole winter season could be like this and it would be great."n- Karen Hall, 56, Aurora
"When you live in Chicago, you're prepared for the worst -- so this has been a pleasant, positive change. But there is a part of me that is ready for the cold weather."n- Val Pakis, 60, Chicago Loop
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