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Metra ... The Way to Really Advertise

Commuter line considers adding ads to coaches



    Metra ... The Way to Really Advertise
    Metra considers adding advertising to its trains as a way to increase non-fare income.

    The Metra commuter rail service is reconsidering its long-standing policy of sparing its riders from advertising on its trains.

    On Monday, Metra rolled out a coach covered with an advertisement for the Illinois Bureau of Tourism.

    The coach is covered with a vinyl plastic that features the likenesses of Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Ronald Reagan and newly minted President Barack Obama.

    Metra officials say the car will be used on several rail lines in an effort to gauge public reaction and determine how well thevinyl stands up to the weather.

    Metra executive director Phil Pagano said the commuter rail agency is exploring all opportunities to increase non-fare income.

    Officials point out advertising is the Chicago Transit Authority'slargest revenue generator aside from fares.