NASCAR Chicago Street Race

How much does a beer cost at the NASCAR Chicago Street Race? Here's a look at the menu

While most items saw a price increase, this year boasts more menu options along with one item that's even a hair cheaper than last year

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Race weekend is finally here, with fans flooding into downtown Chicago for the second NASCAR Chicago Street Race, hoping to soak in the unique environment and likely a few refreshments along the way as well.

The prices this year show some differences from last year, with perhaps the most notable difference being the removal of the 6-pack option, which was available for several beverage offerings in 2023.

To perhaps the surprise of no one, drinks are also a bit pricier for this year's event.

Busch Light and Michelob Ultra, which both cost $10.50 a piece in 2023, now cost $10.95 each this year.

This year's menu does however also give customers more options, expanding beyond the three beers, two seltzers and one canned cocktail offered at the 2023 race.

While fans will only be offered the black cherry Bud Light seltzer as opposed to the options of black cherry and mango in 2023, fans can crack open a Mike's Hard Lemonade for just $9.95, the cheapest alcoholic option at the event.

Mike's Hard is available in both original and black cherry lemonade at this year's race.

Replacing the original Goose Island 312, available for $11.50 per beer at last year's race, is the Goose Island Hazy Bear Hug IPA, selling for $12.95 a piece.

Making a return for this year is the Jack Daniel's & Coca-Cola canned cocktail, which sold for $12 in 2023.

This year, it's the only item to see a price drop, available for $11.95 with both Coca-Cola and ginger ale as options.

Additionally, Coastal Spritz wine will be available for $12.95 per serving, with sauvignon blanc and rosé as options.

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