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Stroger In Tax Trouble Too

Sun-Times reports IRS has a lien on his house



    Stroger In Tax Trouble Too
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    Todd Stroger has been hearing plenty from the IRS lately.

    Seems that while Cook County Board President Todd Stroger has been busy rolling back the sales tax, the Chicago Sun-Times discovered he wasn't paying his own personal taxes.

    Turns out the Internal Revenue Service has put a lien on the home of Stroger and his wife, Jeanine, in an effort to pay off nearly $12,000 in unpaid incomes taxes, dating back to 2007.

    "It's a bill that him and his wife have made arrangements with the IRS on," Stroger spokesman Gene Mullins told  the Sun-Times. "They made arrangements with them, and they're paying it off right now. They worked out a payment plan with the IRS."
    The latest blow to Stroger comes as he fights off critcism for his veto of a tax increase repeal passed by commissioners. He said the repeal of a 1 percentage point sales tax increase would create a $245 million budget deficit.

    That's a lot more than his $12,000 back tax bill.

    Stroger's Tax Trouble

    [CHI] Stroger's Tax Trouble
    A lien has been placed on Todd Stroger's south side home for nearly $12,000 in back taxes.
    (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)