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Finders Keepers: Fast-Food Chain ‘Loses’ 5000 Wallets

Burger King leaves prepaid gift cards and cash around the city



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    The fast food monarch with the big head (literally) will be leaving 5000 wallets in high-traffic areas of Chicago.

    I have to admit, while I do enjoy fast food burgers on occasion, the new "Burger King" model with the big plastic head creeps me out. I doubt I'm the only one. But according to Time-Out Chicago, he may seem a lot less disturbing as he hands out free money over the next couple days.

    From November 12-14, the fast food chain will be leaving 5000 wallets around Chicago, specifically "in high-traffic areas and landmarks." Inside the wallets? "A BK Crown Card pre-loaded with $5 to $20 and cold, hard cash ranging from $1 to $100."

    This should make for an interesting scene in tourist hot-spots: half of the people looking skyward as they photograph tall buildings; the other half looking down at the ground, their eyes peeled for a wayward wallet.

    Hopefully the wallets will be hidden somewhere dry, given the rainy outlook for the next few days.