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Body Scanners Debut at O'Hare

Traveler reaction is mixed



    O'Hare's Body Scanners Debut

    Passengers at O'Hare airport Monday got a taste of full-body scanning. (Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010)

    Transportation Safety Administration employees at O’Hare Airport are getting to know a few travelers intimately this morning.
    The airport’s first full-body scanner made its debut this morning at United Airlines terminal at the airport as the TSA gives public a peek at the technology.

    Demand for the devises that can effectively see through clothes for hidden weapons rose after an attempted airplane bombing on Christmas.

    Not everyone is thrilled at the prospect of having their entire body scanned by a machine

    "I feel violated knowing they can see under my clothes," traveler Rainie Jones said. "I'm a very modest person."

    Others are less squeamish. 

    "It doesn't bother me, they have to do what they have to do," said traveler Wanda Frawley.

    The TSA says Monday's demonstration in Chicago will show the steps taken to ensure privacy is protected.

    The O’Hare machine was one of 150 bought with federal stimulus money for airports around the country.