‘Road to Fame’ Idolizes Chicago Talent

View pictures of some of the talent at the "Road to Fame" competition.

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Joe Dowling
Forget American Idol, Mahoney’s Pub & Grille is looking for Chicago's best talent in the "Road to Fame" contest through December 10.
Joe Dowling
Contestants sang for a panel of judges including Michigan Avenue Magazine executive editor Susanna Homan, Elvis impersonator Mark "Elvis" Hussman and Bobby Kourelis, drummer for the alternative rock band Lovehammers.
Joe Dowling
All contestants are gunning for the cash prize and a trip to L.A. to perform for VIP guests at the club Rush Street.
Joe Dowling
Contestants didn't necessarily get to rock out to their favorite songs. They had to choose from a select playlist.
Joe Dowling
Many people hung out to watch the competition. After all, not everyone can sing like Whitney Houston!
Chicago has produced artists like Jennifer Hudson and Kayne West, but these contestants will definitely have to step it up if they're going to stay in this game.
Joe Dowling
Eat your heart out Randy, Simon and Paula!
Joe Dowling
Hey, look. It's Frank Sinatra! No, it's just one of the "Road to Fame" contestants.
Joe Dowling
That's the note! It takes a pro to belt it like this.
Joe Dowling
In the end there can only be one. Is the winner of the "Road to Fame" contest in this group?
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