Jay Cutler Could Return to NFL, Report Says

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is set to broadcast the team’s regular season opener from the television booth, but is there a possibility he could be back in an NFL uniform instead?

According to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, that is a possibility. A report out Thursday says that Cutler could potentially join up with the Miami Dolphins, who are coached by former Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase, after incumbent quarterback Ryan Tannehill suffered a knee injury:

Cutler, who announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this year, reportedly wants starter money and a playing time guarantee, according to Darlington, if he is going to leave the broadcast booth for the NFL gridiron.

After Cutler’s retirement, he signed a contract with Fox to join their TV broadcast, and his first few games will involve the Bears, as he’ll call a Bears game against the Titans in preseason for his debut and will make his regular season debut when Chicago takes on Atlanta in Week 1 at Soldier Field.

Darlington and other reporters have gone on to say that the Dolphins will take their time making any decisions about their quarterback position. Tannehill’s knee didn’t show any structural damage, according to an MRI, but there is still a chance that he could undergo surgery if the Dolphins deem it to be in their best interest.

Other free agents are still on the market and could interest the Dolphins, including former 49’ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, or they could stick with back-up quarterback Matt Moore when the regular season begins.

The Dolphins start the preseason against the Atlanta Falcons next week, and they will kick off the regular season on Sept. 10 with a home game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

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