Rod Blagojevich

It's A Wrap: Blagojevich Case Officially Over

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Chicago agreed to early termination of the former governor's period of supervised release.

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With a rather mundane notation Tuesday in what was sometimes an eventful and even zany case, the criminal saga of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich officially came to a close.

Blagojevich was freed in February of 2020 when then-president Donald Trump commuted his sentence to the 8 years the former governor had served in a Colorado prison. He had previously been sentenced to 14 years on corruption charges.

But while Trump ended the former governor's incarceration, he had left intact a two-year period of supervised-release.

Among other things, that meant seeking permission to leave the Northern District of Illinois. Blagojevich petitioned the court for early release, and the government did not object.

On Tuesday, a simple notation in his file stated, "Agreed motion for early termination of supervision is granted as to Rod Blagojevich: Signed by the honorable Sara L. Ellis."

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