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With intense heat on the way, here's what to know about Chicago's public beaches

Beaches are open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Overwhelming heat is on the way to the Chicago area in the coming week following a pleasant start to the weekend, with the city's public beaches expected to provide both relief and a swim for thousands of residents across the region.

Initially opening on Friday, May 24 ahead of Memorial Day weekend, 23 of the city's beaches will be open throughout the summer, with operating season running through Labor Day.

In addition to the numerous open and free beaches along Chicago's lakefront, the city's only inland beach, Humboldt Beach, is slated to reopen Monday after a four-year hiatus.

With balmy temperatures likely bringing many to the water for the first time this year, here's everything you need to know about Chicago's beaches.

Is there an admission charge for the beaches?

Chicago beaches operated by the park district are open to the public and admission is free, according to the district’s website.

When are beaches open?

Swimming is only permitted at beaches while lifeguards are on duty, between 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day, according to officials.

Are there restrictions on when I can swim?

According to the district, a color-coded flag system will alert beachgoers as to whether or not they can swim on a given day.

When green flags are present, swimming is open without restriction. When a yellow flag is being flown, swimming is still allowed, but swimmers are urged to take precautions.

Red flags indicate that waves are at unsafe levels, or that a beach is experiencing water quality issues, and swimming is not permitted in those circumstances.

When is water quality tested?

Water is tested daily for a variety of pollutants, and alerts will be issued each afternoon in the event of water quality issues.

More information can be found on the park district’s website.

Are all of the city’s public beaches open to the public?

Several beaches are currently closed due to erosion, including Fargo Beach, Howard Beach, Juneway Beach, and Rogers Beach. More information can be found on the park district website.

Are there any other rules to know about?

Beachgoers are reminded that there is no smoking or alcohol consumption allowed on beaches. No dogs are allowed except at designated dog-friendly beaches, and residents are not to feed birds or wildlife.

Full list of Chicago's public beaches

  • 12th Street Beach, 1200 South Linn White Drive
  • 57th Street Beach, 5700 South DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • 63rd Street Beach, 6300 South DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • Calumet Beach, 9801 South Avenue G
  • Foster Beach, 5200 North DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • Hartigan Beach, 1123 West Farwell Avenue
  • Helen Doria Beach, 1040 West Columbia Avenue
  • Humboldt Beach, 1400 North Sacramento Avenue
  • Lane Beach, 5915 North Sheridan Road
  • Leone Beach, 1222 West Touhy Avenue
  • Loyola Beach, 1230 West Greenleaf Avenue
  • Margaret T. Burroughs Beach, 3100 South DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • Marion Mahony Griffin Beach, 1208 West Jarvis Avenue
  • Montrose Beach, 4400 North DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • North Avenue Beach, 1601 North DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • North Shore Beach, 1040 West North Shore Avenue
  • Oak Street Beach, 1000 North DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • Oakwood Beach, 4100 South DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • Ohio Street Beach, 600 North DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • Osterman Beach, 5800 North DuSable Lake Shore Drive
  • Rainbow Beach, 3111 East 77th Street
  • South Shore Beach, 7059 South South Shore Drive
  • Tobey Prinz Beach, 1045 West Pratt Avenue
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