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Here are the Chicago restaurants featured in ‘The Bear' Season 3, including a suburban spot

While many restaurants were highlighted in Season 2 in what became a popular feature for the acclaimed foodie show, Season 3 showcases a new round of establishments

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"The Bear" Season 3 made its premiere this week and, as expected, Chicago's culinary scene was on full display, but this season also featured a suburban hot spot.

While many were highlighted in Season 2 in what became a popular feature for the acclaimed foodie show, Season 3 showcases a new round of establishments.

The latest episodes showcased a number of city staples, many with deep history in the city. There were also of course some returning highlights, like Ever in Chicago.

Choose Chicago put out a list of all the places highlighted in the newest season of the award-winning show. Here's a look at the culinary features this season:

Mr. Beef

While "The Beef" has transformed into "The Bear" in Season 3, flashbacks during this season highlight the original Italian beef shop that started the whole series -- much of which is filmed in River North's Mr. Beef.


A major highlight from Season 2 returns in Season 3 -- but in a more somber way. Ever, which is run in the show by Chef Terry, played by Olivia Coleman, announces it will close up shop, sparking nostalgia and heartbreak from Carmy and Richie, who both worked at the fine-dining restaurant, filmed in the real-life Ever's kitchen. In Chicago, the real-life Ever remains open, however.

Ever's sister bar After, which is where scenes of the Copenhagen restaurant Marcus trains in in Season 2 were filmed, also makes a return appearance in Season 3.


While last season featured Syd, played by Ayo Edebiri, enjoying a breakfast meal at Chicago's Kasama, this season saw her seeking out a treat from Doma, a North Side cafe known for its breakfast sandwiches.

Longman & Eagle

Longman & Eagle serves as the scene of a farmers market Tina attends in Season 3, where she learns "what grows together, goes together."

Long Grove Confectionery

The suburban staple makes its cameo later in Season 3, in an episode focused on the story of how Syd's sous chef Tina, played by Liza Colón-Zayas, first came to work at "The Beef." It all started when she lost her job at the Long Grove Confectionery.

Montage Features

A number of other Chicago establishments are featured in a montage in the show. Those include:

Other notable highlights

Other hot spots featured in Season 3 include:

Chicago Chefs

There's also multiple cameos from some of Chicago's most famous chefs, including Alinea's Grant Achatz.

In the Season 3 finale, Achatz is seen attending a "funeral dinner" for Ever and at one point refers to his own restaurant's iconic "apple-flavored helium balloon," a staple for diners at the world-renowned restaurant.

Genie Kwon of Kasama fame, the first Filipino restaurant to earn a Michelin star, and Anna Posey of fellow Michelin-starred Elske are also spotted.

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