Father's Day

Chicago families flock to the beach on Father's Day amid hot weather

A number of families spent the warm Sunday afternoon celebrating Father’s Day at Oakwood Beach, while others marked the day at church celebrations

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Herbert Suber, a visitor from Delaware, said he will cherish forever being able to spend time with his grandkids and son, just as he did on Father's Day.

“I’m proud of what my son’s done and accomplished and I’m trying to make an influence with my grandkids,” said Herbert Suber.

The three generations of his family spent the warm Sunday afternoon celebrating Father’s Day at Oakwood Beach.

“This is like a first for me to see my sons interact with their grandfather and kinda see that generational trend. It’s been really really great,” said Sean Suber, Herbert's son. “You really don’t appreciate your dad until you are a dad yourself.”

Suber told NBC 5 he’s grateful for his dad and for the life lessons he taught him.

“I just try to tell him to instill discipline, respect, and honor and just be truthful in whatever you do,” said Herbert Suber.

Other dads took advantage of the day to relax with friends at the beach.

“This is a day to pay homage to dads,” said David Brown. “Moms always come first so this is a day just for the guys to unwind. Most guys like to cook, sit back, and have a cold beverage.”

But no matter how you choose to spend your time, there’s always one common theme.

“It’s very important you have to spend time with your family,” said Juan Carlos Martinez. “This time you will remember forever.”

Over at St. Sabina Catholic Church on the city’s South South Side, Rev. Michael Pfleger led the congregation in worship celebrating Juneteenth and Father’s Day at Sunday's service.

“Without God we can do nothing, but with God there is nothing we can’t do,” said Pfleger. “God deserves our total praise.”

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