Color Jams Chicago’s Loop

Artist Jessica Stockholder installed Chicago's third public art display by blanketing sheets of colored vinyl in the city's Loop.

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A wall display on State and Adams streets showcases the name of Jessica Stockholder's public art installation using the same colored vinyl installed throughout the intersection as part of the Chicago Loop Alliance's third public art display.
Colored vinyl covers Chicago buildings and walkways as part of the Chicago Loop Alliance's third annual art installation. The project used more than 76,000 square feet of colored vinyl, enough material to make 50,000 vinyl records.
Printing the amount of colored vinyl used to spruce up Chicago's Loop would have required 2,100 ink cartridges and 180 hours of continuous printing on a standard printer.
Artist Jessica Stockholder was unanimously recommended to the Chicago Loop Alliance to install the city's third Art Loop public art display. "It's I think also kind of an eccentric intersection and I think that this city is kind of brave to work with something like this, I don't think it's really common," she said.
A pedestrian stops to snap a photo of a multicolored light post. "It's a pleasure to slow down people and see them stop and take a second to look," said artist Jessica Stockholder.
A woman points in surprise as she admires Chicago Loop Alliance Art Loop installation by Jessica Stockholder. "[The installation] promises to draw people deeper into the Loop and further down State Street," said Alderman Bob Fioretti.
Pedestrians walk across the street on top of colored vinyl, which looks almost paint-like. The material is draped across the intersection of State and Adams streets in Chicago's Loop and will remain there until Sept. 30.
The colored vinyl in the Color Jam art installation used enough material to wrap more than 130 city buses or cover one-and-a-half football fields. "It captures the energy and culture of the city on a symbolic level," said Chicago resident April Lawson. "This is the reason we're a world class city."
Pedestrians admire color jam as they stand at the intersection of State and Adams Street. "It matches the bright, vibrant, diverse community of the Loop," said Ald. Bob Fioretti.
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