Key Matchups: Bears Vs. Lions

How will the Chicago Bears will fare against the Detroit Lions this weekend?

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Coach | Advantage Bears
nThe Bears are 3-0, and the Lions are 2-1. While the Bears' record isn't glaringly better, there's something to be said for a coach who can lead a team to three wins in a row. Plus, Jim Schwartz can get a little feisty. It may not affect his coaching abilities, but it hurts his class level a bit.
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Quarterback | Push
nThis one is tricky. Jay Cutler's numbers are slightly better, but Matt Stafford's are definitely comparable. They've both tossed six touchdowns in 2013. Their completion rates both rest around 60-70 percent. If Stafford doesn't outright perform better than Cutler, he's at least going to give the Bears' quarterback a run for his money.
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Running back | Advantage Bears
nReggie Bush is good, but Matt Forte is better. He simply gets more yardage than Bush, with 225 rushing yards to Bush's 115 in 2013. In Bush's defense, he's only played two games this season, but we still doubt he'd be a match for Forte with three games under his belt. Because of a knee injury, Bush is questionable for this weekend's game. If he's out, the Lions really don't stand a chance on the running back front.
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Wide receiver | Advantage Lions
nBrandon Marshall and Calvin Johnson have almost identical numbers so far this year, with 269 and 268 yards respectively. However, history is in Johnson's favor, and that history will likely continue into the present. His nickname is Megatron for a reason.
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KR/PR | Advantage Bears
nDevin Hester has seen 306 return yards on kick-offs. Micheal Spurlock is at 38. Even with Spurlock's 48 yards on punt return, the numbers speak for themselves.
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Defense | Advantages Bears
nThe Bears' and Lions' defensive lines are on par with each other for the most part, and their stats reflect that. If anything, we can assume the Bears will do what they've been doing and not give the Lions' offense an easy time.
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